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Grapevine Dentist Honors TMJ Month

Nov 15, 2011

FLOWER MOUND, TX -- Dr. Jonathan Golab, a Grapevine dentist, is using TMJ Awareness Month - observed in November each year- as an opportunity to educate patients on treatment options available for sufferers.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research more than 35 million people suffer from Temporomandibular Disorders, commonly called TMJ, in the United States alone.

These disorders cause pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles and they can lead to difficulty in speaking, eating and chewing. Symptoms range from facial pain to headaches, reduced ability to open and close the mouth and muscle pain in bordering areas including the neck and shoulders as well as a ringing in the ear and popping of the jaw.

"There are no widely accepted standards for diagnosing TMJ because the exact cause and symptoms are not clear, which makes identifying the disorder confusing and difficult," said dental implants provider Dr. Golab. "Some people live with TMJ for years before the pain is bad enough to seek professional help. Despite a lack of understanding, there are treatment options available that can alleviate and, in some cases, eliminate the pain."

Professional treatment options include:
• Occlusal splint, which is designed to reduce grinding and allow the muscles to rest
• Reshaping of the teeth, dental implants, porcelain veneers and orthodontics are all ways to correct the way the teeth fit together, which can alleviate TMJ pain
• In very rare, severe cases, surgery is used to correct a damaged joint
• Chiropractic adjustments
• Physical therapy

At-home treatments that are available include:
• Jaw exercises to help stretch the muscles
• Relaxation techniques to reduce stress, which can cause clinching of the jaw
• Sleeping on your side using a pillow support between your shoulder and neck
• Hot or cold packs on the face
• Using your fist as a support under your chin during yawning to prevent jaw from locking open

"Patients need to realize that the goal of TMJ treatment is not to cure the condition, but rather manage it," said dentistry professional, Dr. Golab. "We work to minimize the pain to allow the muscles and joints to heal through rest and care. My purpose for supporting this campaign is to inform people about the symptoms of TMJ before irreversible damage is done to the joint."

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