How to Write Press Releases : Press Release Template, Writing Sample, PR Tips
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What is a Press Release?

Press Release How-to Information A press release is a news article written by an individual, company, government agency, or non-profit organization whose purpose is to announce information to members of the media and general public. Examples include new product announcements, company awards, earnings reports, new sales, hiring of executive officers, scheduled events, product enhancements, legal updates, government legislation, political campaigns, and much more.

With the rise in popularity of online media outlets, getting your press release distributed on the Web is more important than ever. Many researchers have documented the uncertain future of newspapers. Major newspapers across the United States and Europe are struggling to survive as electronic media continues to see tremendous growth. Newspapers continue losing customers to online providers as distribution costs increase and print-advertising revenue drops. The need to submit your press release online is greater than ever. Learning how to write a press release properly, and learning how to submit online is pertinent to a company's success in today's world.

As we transition to a paperless society, and the world evolves away from print-based media, how we write press releases has changed. No longer does it take a week to send out a story. Press releases can be distributed across global newswires in mere minutes. The story will appear across major news search engines like Google News, a website that receives approximately 120 million unique visitors per week. The ability to write a press release that targets the appropriate readers is vital to the success of a media campaign. In the following article, we will explain how to write optimized press releases for the Information Age. The information contained below is beginner-level, focusing mainly on how to write a press release, with some basic information regarding online journalism ethics.

Several resources will be available including templates, tips, and writing samples. You'll also have the opportunity to see how large organizations write their articles and distribute their information. Best of luck in your online marketing efforts. We hope you find the page useful.

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How to Write A Press Release

I. Write the body of the article: the press release body should be written in a manner that informs people and does not try to sell them something. A story written like an advertisement is usually ineffective. A very easy way to start off is by summarizing the entire release in an opening 3-4 sentence paragraph. Once you have an opening paragraph, create a separate paragraph for the following questions, "who?", "what?", "when", "where", "why", and "how". Be sure to include quotes from people involved in the story. Quoting a person by name helps readers understand and remember the information more clearly. Always take advantage of the ability to add hyperlinks in your story. When adding links, be sure to select important keywords for optimal search engine optimization (SEO). Keep the total length of the body under 500 words, but at least 100.

II. About the company: after the body of the release, include a one paragraph statement containing information about the company. This paragraph is typically taken from marketing materials within your organization. The information should include company history, background, industry, and location. A short discussion of your products and services is allowed. If your company is not a household name, providing company background information helps journalists remember who you are.

III. Provide media contact information: In order for members of the media to contact you for an interview, or to quote your story, you must provide contact information such as company name, phone, and email address (at the minimum). Most people are reluctant to give out their email addresses. In response, Press Release 365 developed an advanced text-encoding process to block automated spam bots from downloading our customer's email addresses. Additional contact information includes address, city, state, zipcode, and official company name (not simply Doing-business-as name).

IV. Optimize the title/headline: the title (sometimes called the headline) of the press release grabs the reader's attention and is the most important search engine optimization factor. Place the most important keywords toward the beginning. Important keywords include company name, city of release, type of product, industry name, person's name, or some sought-after keyword. The title should not contain more than 75 characters. The title should not be written in all-caps either, but rather capitalize the first letter of each word. Despite the effort to grab attention, be sure to only include facts. A professional release will never place a rumor or outlandish statement in the title. Such releases are easy to spot and the company usually placed on a blacklist by journalists and news editors.

Press Release Tips

  • Never sound as if you are trying to sell the reader something
  • Always sound as if you are trying to inform the reader of something
  • Keep the article written in a professional tone and state facts only
  • Submit an image or logo with your release
  • Avoid excessive use of bolding and uppercase text
  • Always spell-check your release before submitting
  • Once your release is live, make plenty of copies of the printer-friendly version and fax around to local radio shows or television stations
  • Email the story to journalists in your local area
  • Include action-items for the readers of the release. For example, if you are describing the release of your new book, include the ISBN number and the URL of a website where it can be purchased
  • Never submit duplicate copies of your press release to multiple PR distribution firms - always make slight modifications to each copy to avoid search-engine duplicate content penalties
  • Always place a hyperlink on your website to the press release for better search engine optimization and visibility

Press Release Template

Title (Example: US Federal Judge Eases Restrictions on Florida Sugarcane Farmers)

City, State (Example: Miami, FL) - This is the introductory paragraph, and it should briefly summarize the entire press release. The paragraph should be approximately 3 to 5 sentences. Be sure to mention whats happening or what happened, the date, time, where it happened, and the important people involved. The 1st paragraph will make or break the story. If it's not clear and concise, most people will not read the rest of the article.

The middle paragraphs go into more detail. For example, explain the importance of the event and why it's taking place. This is a good place to provide detail about the the participants, who stands to benefit, who stands to lose, etc. In general, remember that most important information should be placed at the beginning of the article - information at the end is less likely to be read. Be sure to answer who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Another section could discuss the history of the particular event, program, or news event. This is where you'll go in detail about how it got started and what services have been offered in the past. Discuss how things are changing for the better (or worse). Once again, you should keep paragraphs at about 3 to 5 sentences in length.

The very last paragraph is called the "boilerplate." It is usually no more than 3-4 sentences. Example: The Florida Sugarcane Alliance, established in 1958, strives to meet the world's demands for sugar by creating technological breakthroughs that allow for cleaner and more efficient production of sugarcane. The Alliance employs over 40,000 individuals and farm-workers across the state.


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How to Submit A Press Release

Once your article is written and properly optimized, sending a press release with us is very easy. You'll have the option to choose from different distribution plans and media packages. Select the plan that is right for your company's budget. If you have any questions about how to issue a press release, please feel free to send us an email.

PR Examples

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If you have time, feel free to review the press releases below and see how major organizations write them.