Press Release 365 Rewards Program
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Press Release 365 Rewards Program

The Press Release 365 Rewards Program is set up to be easy to use and as beneficial as possible. The idea of the program is to give back to customers every time they use our service. We feel we have created the most generous Rewards Program of any PR distribution site on the web and when you combine that with our already low prices for distribution you have one heck of a great deal.

How Does the Rewards Program Work?
For every $1 spent 1 Reward Point is earned. If you were to spend $100 dollars on a press release, you would have obtained 100 points.

What is a Reward Point worth?
1 Reward Point = $0.10 cents. If you were to spend $100 dollars on a press release, you would have obtained 100 points, which would equal $10.

How are Rewards Points applied?
Rewards Points can be applied to any press release distribution package we offer, and can also be applied to bidding for top placement on our homepage.

Special Bonuses and Promotional Offerings
Rewards Points are given to customers each time they spend money on press releases. We also provide Special Bonuses and other promotional incentives to preferred customers. Our promotions will be run through our Rewards Points system.

Current Promotion: 250 Rewards Points to all new customers!

Where can I view My Rewards Points earned?
Your My Rewards Points can be found in your account management module once you are logged into your account. This area of your account keeps you updated with all the points you have earned and used along with your remaining balance which can be applied to any future submission for instant savings.

Rewards Program Disclaimer
Rewards points can only be used on press releases and are not redeemable for cash. The promotions and bonus rewards points program can be changed at any time without notice to customers.

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