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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a press release on Press Release 365?
Submitting a press release through Press Release 365 is very easy. First, you must register an account with us. Then you simply fill out and submit a few forms and you are finished. The whole process can take less than ten minutes.

Where will my press release be distributed?
We will distribute all approved press releases to all the major search engines across the world. We will also publish your release on our wire, which is syndicated by thousands of websites across the world. Every day all new press releases are sent to the thousands of journalists who have opted in to receive our email. For Professional and Platinum Packages a blogging toolbar will be added to your press release for a chance of much greater exposure.

How much does it cost to submit a press release?
At Press Release 365 we offer the most affordable distribution packages on the net. You can submit a release for free and get your news distributed across the world. You can upgrade your release to our Professional Package for $49.99 and get additional features such as, links in your article and a blogging toolbar shown on your release page. Our Platinum package is the best package you can buy from us. It contains all the features we offer such as, GEO Mapping Statistics, a backlink on our homepage, images included with your release, and other great features. For a full list of pricing and details visit our Pricing Distribution page.

When will my press release be distributed?
Basic and Professional Level Distribution Packages will be distributed 2 days after submission if submitted before 11:59 p.m EST, or on whatever day is chosen from our drop down list on the submission forms.

Platinum Level Distribution Packages will be distributed within one hour if the 1 hour option is chosen and the press release is submitted within regular business hours on weekdays (between 9-4 EST M-F, excluding holidays). If the one hour time is picked from the drop down menu after business hours, the release will be distributed the next day. If the within 1 hour option is chosen between 12am - 9am EST on weekdays, it will be released before 10am EST that day. If a date other than the 1 hour time is chosen in the submission process it will be distributed then.

Who can submit news through Press Release 365?
Any small or large company can submit a press release through us. Any person with a website can release news through us. Anyone that would like to get information out to the public can, and should, distribute their news through us.

What is the Press Release 365 Rewards Program all about?
We provide the most lucrative Rewards Program of all press release distribution sites on the internet. We offer 250 Rewards Points just for signing up and you can earn 1 extra Reward point for every dollar you spend for the lifetime of your membership. 1 Rewards Point is worth $0.10 and points can add up fast leading to huge discounts.

Can I advertise on Press Release 365?
Advertising is available on Press Release 365 in the form of text links and/or banner advertising. See our Advertising Information page for more details.

How do I get my press release to the top module on the homepage?
The press releases in the top module of our homepage are determined by who has contributed the highest bids over the previous 7 days. Every time you distribute a press release though us you will have an opportunity at the end of your submission to bid for top placement.

What is RSS and do you have any RSS feeds?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for you to view our feeds on your personal computer's reader. You can also add our RSS feeds to your Yahoo, Google, or MSN homepage, along with any other place you may use to read updated news content. RSS feeds can also be used by website to display the title, description, date and link to the press release being displayed.

Who do I contact for help with my submission?
The whole purpose of Press Release 365 is to create a system that is so easy that no customer will ever need help. There is help information on all forms and most, if not all, questions can be answered by referring to those messages. If a customer still needs help they can contact the email address below and a customer representative will respond as soon as possible.

Can I get my company's stock displayed on my press release?
Any company can have their stock listed along with their company information on their press release. By entering a stock symbol in our distrubtion form the person entering is gauranteeing that they have written expressed consent to do so on behalf of the company they are entering. Please see our full terms for more information regarding stocks.
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