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Santa Claus - Real or not? Kids Tired of Parents Avoiding the Question

Oct 28, 2009

NEWTOWN, PA -- Anthony N. Canamucio, Bucks County, Pennsylvania father and artist, knew the day would come when his children would be asking the question--Is Santa real? He wanted to be prepared. He remembered the disappointment he felt as a child. He remembered the story of his mother, who as a child, was filled with worry that she might not receive the doll from Santa that she was hoping for. Her brother, 14 years her senior, grew tired of her obsession. So tired that he took her by the arm to the basement, flung open the closet door and shouted, "There! There's your doll! Now be quiet!" Her mother, Anthony's grandmother, who herself wished for a doll as a child, had a story even more unpleasant. She awoke Christmas morning to be presented with a sewing kit. Her father instructed her that there was no Santa to bring her a doll, and if she wanted one, she would have to sew it herself.

While these stories may not be typical, Anthony knew from speaking to friends that too often, finding out the truth about Santa  was an unpleasant experience. Anthony felt that the magic that happens each December 24th all over the world was much too special. Too special to be destroyed by an older kid who thinks he knows something that makes him smarter than everyone else. What a shame that it ends in homes all over the world in disappointment for both parent and child when the youngsters learn "the truth." Parents, faced with this question, should not feel like deceptive criminals, nor should children see their parents this way.

He asked himself--were kids really learning the truth? Sure they were realizing that a chubby guy in a red suit wasn't bringing them presents. But if they were old enough to realize that, couldn't they comprehend that having loving parents who wanted their little lives to be filled with magic was even more special? Parents who had in their hearts, the spirit of a generous orphan boy from Turkey who lived 1,600 years ago. To Anthony, that was really magical, and he wanted his children to know that they were now part of the story. They would now help carry on this tradition. They, like parents all over the world, would become Santa. Anthony decided to find a way to share this with as many families as possible.

He wrote and illustrated "The Real Magic of Santa Claus, honest answers that will make you believe." Filled with his whimsical illustrations, "The Real Magic of Santa Claus" answers questions truthfully. It allows the reader to come to their own conclusion. They soon discover that the answer opens up a new chapter in their lives. They understand that Santa is not a man in a red suit, but they find that Santa is real--much more real than that.

This rite of passage becomes a lesson in love and sharing. Anthony N. Canamucio wished this for his family, and now wants to share it with all children.

If you would like more information on "The Real Magic of Santa Claus," or to schedule an interview with Anthony N. Canamucio, please call 917-566-7343, or email him at acanamucio@yahoo.com

"The Real Magic of Santa Claus, honest answers that will make you believe" is available from amazon.com at the following link:


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