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Rock Star Identifies The Mistakes That Hold Rock Bands Back From Becoming Hugely

Oct 13, 2010

CHICAGO, IL -- Alex Staropoli, a keyboard player for the Italian metal band Rhapsody Of Fire and a rock band success coach, publishes a special report describing the most common mistakes made by up and coming rock bands on their path to become successful.

Staropoli says: "It is extremely rewarding for me to work with talented unsigned new bands and mentor them on their way to achieving great success. It is frustrating for me to see bands that have huge potential that continue to struggle due to not knowing how to design a unique and clear path to reaching their goals. Far too many bands fail to become successful due to damaging mistakes they make in building their careers."

Among the many mistakes new bands make, Staropoli's report identified the following.

1. Relying too much on social media websites to achieve promotion and exposure.

Many up and coming bands erroneously believe that if they register on social media websites such as MySpace or Facebook and acquire tens of thousands friends in these communities, they will be able to impress record companies or other important entities in the industry. The truth is that popularity on MySpace (and similar sites) has very little importance for record labels, since these companies know that such statistics are really NO true indication of how popular a band really is. Nobody ever got signed based on the number of people who follow them on social media websites alone. There are ALWAYS other far more important factors involved.

2. Running a band like a democracy.

Obviously every member of the band should be able to voice his/her opinion regarding how the band goes about building its career. However, the band will make much more progress with a lot less internal conflict when there is only 1 ultimate decision maker who takes the opinions of the band members into account but has the full authority to make final decisions on the band's behalf. Band democracies either become dictatorships quickly or fall apart entirely.

3. Failing to deliver a great live show.

One of the most effective ways to encourage more fans to see a band in concert is to deliver an awesome visual element with each performance. Fans expect to experience an awesome live show of the band performing the music rather than simply playing the notes of the songs. Staropoli says: "Before we go on stage with Rhapsody Of Fire, we spend a lot of time making sure that all aspects of our stage presence during live shows are refined to a very high level. Any band that pays attention to all elements of their performances will greatly stand out in the eyes of the fans and the record companies."

4. Not taking personal responsibility for every result the band gets.

It is common for musicians in general to think that their success can only come as a result of a record deal or from someone else more powerful in the music industry giving the band some opportunity. The truth is that in today's world, the bands themselves have a lot more power to achieve significant results in their careers by becoming more self reliant and having effective rock band success coaching.

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