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Religion » Jewish

Muslims Put Tourniquet on Book 'Bleeding for Allah'
October 1, 2008 by MFS Information Systems
Every once in a while someone does something that really pisses-off a whole population of people. Markus Aureliu' book, 'Bleeding for Allah' seems to have done just that.
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Middle East Angry Over New Book on Islam
August 20, 2008 by MFS Distribution Systems
Markus Aurelius' explosive new book, "Bleeding for Allah: Why Islam will Conquer the Free World, What Americans Need to Know" has Muslims from Turkey to Saudi Arabia blistering with rage.
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New York Publisher Opposes Truth About Hollywood
April 27, 2008 by Peter Lang Publishing (New York)
New York publisher Peter Lang tries to force author to exclude accurate information about the U.S. film industry by threatening to block book publication.
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New Book Explains Ancient Prophecies about Coming Catastrophes on Earth
March 18, 2008 by The Tolemac Foundation
"The Last Days of Tolemac" explains the secret of ancient prophecies. Allan Colston reinterprets the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation, and paints a clear picture of what is happening to our planet.
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