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Medical » Physical Therapy

National Medical Alliance is Now MOtion1
May 19, 2010 by MOtion1
MOtion1, a unified alliance of independent physical rehabilitation equipment and supply agents in North America, has launched a new name and brand identity driven by growing energy and unity within the organization.
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Halsatek Releases StimuLight: Unique Benefits for Business and Physical Fitness
November 4, 2009 by Halsatek Innovations LLC
StimuLight is a unique fitness device that projects infrared light energy onto the user during cardio exercise. Near-infrared energy combined with exercise is proven to stimulate metabolism, accelerate weight loss, and reduce joint pain.
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Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do
January 14, 2009 by Got Down Syndrome?
Qadoshyah Fish, a sister to a boy with Down syndrome felt moved to help other individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do, was written to share positive and truthful information about Down syndrome.
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Hope is in Sight for the Millions of People Who Suffer From Back Pain
July 30, 2008 by The Stretching Institute
The Stretching Institute and The Healthy Back Institute have joined together to create solutions for the back pain problems that plague people all over the country every day.
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Exergame Education Workshop - Exergaming
June 27, 2008 by Exergame Fitness USA
Chicagoland based company Exergame Fitness is bringing their 'FREE Exergaming Education Workshop' to Fishers, Indiana on 08/14/08.
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This is Your Doctor Speaking: Move Your Feet
May 28, 2008 by StepIt.com, LLC
New product increases circulation in lower legs for immobilized persons such as disabled people, airline travelers and office staff.
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Free One-Week Coding and Pricing
November 9, 2007 by www.accuchecker.com
www.accuchecker.com, developers of the AccuChecker Product Line, offers a free One Week Trial of AccuChecker OnLine - A comprehensive database that simplifies coding and pricing of all physicians' services in a medical practice.
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Millions in Underpayments from HMO's
October 8, 2007 by Accuchecker, LLC
Most physicians' offices deposit checks received from HMOs and other payers with no questions asked, without verifying fee schedules or analyzing how the claim was adjudicated. Millions in underpayments remain undetected.
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Dr. Brett Van Norman Is Using Chiropractics To Help Stop Headaches Forever
March 8, 2007 by Excel Chiropractic
New research shows that spinal manipulation, the primary form of care provided by doctors of chiropractic, may be an effective treatment option for tension headaches and Dr. Norman is providing this service to help patients releive pain.
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