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EveryoneTexts Inc. Announces Blackberry, 'TextSmart-DriveSafe' Safety App

Mar 26, 2012

CHICAGO, IL -- E1T, a premier provider of Smart Phone Applications, introduces a new and effective app for the Blackberry Market to prevent texting while driving: TextSmart-DriveSafe. The app blocks Blackberry Smart Phones from all use once the Phone is moved at a speed controlled by the Phone plan administrator. The ability to set the speed control to 1 MPH makes this app the most compliant with state laws (1 - 10 mph) although it may vary by Phone and GPS signals. Competitors do not block Phone use until the speed is 10 or more miles per hour (not compliant with most state laws). TextSmart-DriveSafe also offers a one-click panic button to notify parents, administrators or employers of an emergency situation, including the location of the Phone user.

According to E1T President and Founder Steven Meister, "This is a major milestone for the smart phone industry. The most technologically advanced and thorough application is now available on the iPhone, iPads, iTouch, Android Smart Phones, Android Tablets and Blackberry Smart Phones." Meister continues by saying "For the majority of Smart Phones and Tablets we now have an application that can reduce phone use, texting and distractions while driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle. This easy-to-use app can help reduce unnecessary accidents and deaths of teen drivers as well as adults who also break the rules all too often."

A horrible reality: More than 1,300 people are injured every day by distracted drivers. In addition, on average, every day 16 people die - 11 of them teenagers - due to distracted driving. Texting and driving is against the law in over 36 states, and that number is growing. Causing a fatality as a result of texting and distracted driving is now punishable by many years in prison in several states.

For $1.99 annually, parents with the TextSmart-DriveSafe app can locate their child via his/her Blackberry phone, and have peace of mind knowing that there is also a security feature - a panic button that their child can press to alert parents and others of an emergency situation, and disclose their current address.

In addition, parents and employers with optional TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription can see the phone's and tablets location on demand and know if the driver/phone user is in compliance with the limits set by administrators. The app can also be managed remotely through this web subscription service.

TextSmart-DriveSafe's goal is to reduce deaths and injuries caused by distracted drivers. The app keeps the phone and tablet in SAFE mode while the driver:
• Stays focused on driving
• Keeps his/her eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, ready to react to real-time traffic situations faced every day

Application Features
• Parental/Employer Mode: TextSmart-DriveSafe puts a block screen on your phone and tablet while disabling the phone
• One-click Emergency Panic Button notifies pre-programmed recipients that phone and tablet user is in an emergency and gives the phone's location
• Simple one-click button to override blocked screen for two minutes, and notifies administrator of override
• Built in scheduler to turn app features on and off, controlled by administrators, notified when GPS is turned off or product is uninstalled
• TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription can manage the child's phone remotely when your plans or your child's plans change. This management feature may also be accomplished using the TextSmart-DriveSafe app directly from the administrator's phone and tablet

No More Excuses - This complete (not a limited version, like others) TextSmart-DriveSafe Phone Application is only $1.99 annually. Other products that offer less charge ten times more!

Optional TextSmart-DriveSafe web subscription features are currently only $1.99 monthly or a discounted $14.99 a year to remotely control the Blackberry Phone app from the the E1T website or from the parent or administrator's phone.

EveryoneTexts worked with law enforcement, parents, technicians, cell phone users and administrators to deliver a unique solution to comply with existing laws, reduce road carnage from distracted driving, and offer a personal emergency notification system among cell phone plan and tablet members.

Save Lives…….Stay Focused…... Stay Connected. Go to www.everyonetexts.com and learn how easy and effective this app is to use. It can be downloaded through the Blackberry World Store NOW!

About EveryoneTexts Inc.

E1T is a company specializing in Smart Phone and now Tablets Applications Development. E1T is devoted to development of many more applications for the safety and convenience of Smart Phone users. We are currently developing a Social Media and Dating application, as well as applications to track and monitor special needs children and the elderly. Our mission is to offer easy-to-use solutions that help keep smart phone users safer, and meet their daily needs for communication capabilities.

Contact: Steven Meister - 847-530-9708 - stevenmeister@everyonetexts.com

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