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Eat / Drink / Etc Launches a Food and Beverage Lifestyle Website for Gourmets

Jan 31, 2012

HONG KONG -- Inside the name, behind the label, beyond the brand - this tagline aptly summarizes newly launched food and beverage lifestyle website EAT / DRINK / ETC (EDE ONLINE). Unlike existing food, beverage (F&B) or hotelier websites, www.eat-drink-etc.com is an interactive one-stop platform for F&B related information and resources. It is unique in that the same people contributing to the site are also its audience. The website is aimed at professionals - from chefs, makers, creators and executive level decision makers within the industry to hospitality students - as well as passionate consumers.

The designer interface of EDE ONLINE appeals to a modern readership that is passionate about the F&B lifestyle and culture. Topics range from product and brand showcases to features, trends, travel, personality profiles, art, media, education and events.

As founder Cyrille Stegmann describes, "Like many, my passion for food, beverage and cigars goes beyond personal taste. Branding methods engage me as much as a brand itself. How a brand is created. A label designed. A product tried, tested, enhanced. As a consumer, I find the more one knows, the better the experience is. This is the premise for EDE ONLINE - it is a passion for knowledge beyond taste."

Yael Alaton, Strategy Director for Pearlfisher says, "EDE ONLINE is a unique site in that it manages to cover a broad variety of categories but also has the ability to target a niche and influential audience. This is a website that prides itself on the passion and interactive nature of its readership. It is organized in a modern and engaging way which makes it exciting for a design-savvy audience. We greatly look forward to seeing how it develops."

Roberta Muir, who is manager of the prestigious Sydney Seafood School - Australia's leading cooking school - and author of several books including the international 500 Cheeses also applauded the launch of EDE ONLINE, saying, "It is a one of a kind in terms of its design and content. I'm personally excited about the scope of the site - I have no doubt it will become the online Mecca for foodies the world-over."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Glenmorangie Whisky commented that, "The site looks brilliant; simply bursting with information!" And Al Chisolm, VP of Marketing Communications for Matusalem Rum gave very positive feedback about EDE ONLINE, "It has a completely fresh look. The editorial covers a variety of areas, but they all intertwine and relate to each other very nicely. All the content is informative and ensures good reader engagement."

While EDE ONLINE is launching internationally it is also structured to include region-specific sections - all of which will be unveiled over the course of 2012. Regions include Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.


EDE ONLINE (www.eat-drink-etc.com) is a peerless global gateway to high-end food, beverage and cigar information and resources. It is a showcase of international brands and products; a union of the commercial and creative. Intelligent, relevant content meets minimalist, artful design. A modern portal for expert opinions and recommendations. EDE ONLINE'S information is channeled directly from its sources. Respected, eminent insights are made personal. Processes laid bare. Trends predicted. Facts compiled. From the makers and creators, to industry professionals, students and keen consumers, EDE ONLINE'S audience shares a common passion. A desire to experience, taste, share and learn.

EDE ONLINE is an international website with regional divisions in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

For further information or press inquiries please contact the managing editor Amy Morison: amy@eat-drink-etc.com, www.eat-drink-etc.com

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