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The Mission Bell, New CD Release by Dinger/Songwriter Eddie Carrigan

Mar 21, 2011

LONDON, ONTARIO -- "The Mission Bell", available March 21, 2011 is the fourth release from singer/songwriter artist Eddie Carrigan, filled with 10 great songs that underscore the talents of this truly amazing performer. This new album delivers on all accounts, from the captivating opening track of "The Mission Bell" to the hypnotic closing cut of "Whispers Of A Friend".

"The Mission Bell" CD is reminiscent of the days when a great  music album meant that all the songs spoke to you, the bar was kept high, and it was a pleasure to listen to a craftsman at his work.

There is true diversity on this CD. Songs like "Heart Of The Country" and "Journey Home" could easily be heard on any country crossover station, while the atmospheric "Saturn Sky" or the reflective theme of "My Life" appeals to a deeper instinct. It's refreshing for a songwriter to change gears like this, and make it all tie in. It gels, it's like a collection of stories that have their own tales to tell, and yet somehow the Eddie Carrigan sound makes them all seamlessly fit together.

This is the goal, the design, the mission of "The Mission Bell", and it is bang on target. It's an adult contemporary CD with full production, that is uniquely the Eddie Carrigan sound, yet somehow a haunting reminder of a time gone by, when the Sound of Silence rang out, Rumours were abound, and we could Let it Be, because it was worth it.

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