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July 2012 Press Releases By Month

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Makor Solutions announces Version 5.0 of Makor Recycling Manager
July 6, 2012
Makor Solutions, releases a major new upgrade to Makor Recycling Manager for E-Waste Recyclers and IT Asset Refurbishers, that promises to speed production and reduce the time to make IT assets available for sale.
   Technology » Software

Windows Advanced Toolkit Bombards PC Users with Fake Spyware Alerts
July 6, 2012
Computer users in need of assistance to remove malware from their system, should not look to a newly discovered fake security application called Windows Advanced Toolkit.
   Technology » Security

Windows Premium Console Proves to be Incapable of Deleting Spyware on a PC
July 6, 2012
Windows Premium Console is a new rockstar within the malware community passed off as a security application for PCs that utterly fails at performing its promised tasks.
   Technology » Computers

Kris Searle New Single Release 'StarFire' A Sure to be Hit!
July 6, 2012
Kris Searle's new hit single release 'StarFire' is now officially launching in the UK and USA with 5 fantastic remixes from Europe and the US.
   Music » General

Help for Anyone Starting a 1-Person Business, Especially Those 45 and Older
July 11, 2012
Economic conditions have spawned a new burst of entrepreneurialism among America's aging population. Small business owner Barry Silverstein has written a new eGuide called 'On Your Own 123: Launch a 1-Person Business in 3 Proven Steps.'
   Business » Small Business

Windows Virtual Angel Exposed as an Imposter and Fake Antispyware Program
July 15, 2012
Windows Virtual Angel is an emerging malware threat uncovered by security researchers and EnigmaSoftware.com. Windows Virtual Angel is more or less a virtual devil disguised by an interface very similar to legitimate security programs.
   Technology » Computers

Business Jet Travel to Dubai Increases with Stronger Global Economy
July 18, 2012
Dubai economy strengthens as the cost of living lowers. A recent report by the Dubai Statistics Centre outlines a 1.5% inflation drop in Dubai with petrol and living costs dropping.
   Industry » Aviation

Horizon Cabinet Door Co. of America Sees Uptick in Contractor-Led Business
July 20, 2012
Horizon Cabinet Door Co. of America, seller of high quality, American made custom cabinet doors says direct sales to contractors is picking up after several years of domination by the do-it-yourself consumer market.
   Trades » Cabinetry

Intelligent iT NYC Retools Services to Meet Emerging Startup Culture Demand
July 21, 2012
The furious pace of the start-up culture across NYC and tri-state area is moving has created new demands for boutique IT Firms like intelligent iT NYC, including extending staffing, customer support hours and offering outsourced CTO services.
   Technology » Web and Internet

Windows Premium Defender Has Been Categorized as a Fake Antispyware Program
July 21, 2012
Windows Premium Defender is a poor defense against any type of malware. This is mainly due to Windows Premium Defender's inability to detect and remove legitimate malware threats on a PC.
   Technology » Security

Summer Olympic Betting London 2012
July 27, 2012
Betting on Olympic events is as exciting as ever as this year sportsbooks expect the action to be record breaking. SBR Forum has all the betting tips you need to make this Olympics a profitable one.
   Sports » Other

PainAssist.com - New Social Networking Site for Patients
July 28, 2012
Painassist.com is a new social network web communication site for patients and their relatives to obtain information of chronic pain. Web page has all detail information of all the diseases presenting with symptoms of pain.
   Medical » Specialized Medicine

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