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Medical » Cosmetic Surgery

Diamonds (and Steel) Are a Skin's Best Friend: Aesthetic VideoSource Presents
July 18, 2013 by Aesthetic VideoSource
Tina Marie Zillmann demonstrates a complete crystal-free Microdermabrasion protocol for both diamond tip and stainless steel tip units. This treatment decreases the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.
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Aesthetic VideoSource Presents Cellulite Massage DVD
July 16, 2013 by Aesthetic VideoSource
With step-by-step instruction, Cellulite Massage gives the massage therapist a lucrative way to help clients get the 'bikini body' they want. This intensive work promotes dimensional inch loss, smoothes dimpled skin and flushes toxins.
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NJ Plastic Surgeon Talks Father's Day Gifts
July 2, 2013 by Associates in Plastic Surgery
New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Heller discusses how plastic surgery can be the best Father's Day gift a man gets or gives himself this year.
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Expert Discusses Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation in NJ
May 28, 2013 by Associates in Plastic Surgery
Gummy bear implants are in high demand at Associates in Plastic Surgery. NJ breast augmentation pro Dr. Shain Cuber discusses the improvements that have been made to recently released, new and improved silicone implants.
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Grand Opening of Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Building in Key Biscayne, FL
March 22, 2011 by Miami Dermatology Center
Friday March 25th will be the Grand Opening of the Key Biscayne Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Center. It is the largest medical building on the island which includes an ambulatory service.
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Learn How to Apply Eyelash Extensions from an Award-Winning Makeup Artist
March 2, 2010 by Aesthetic VideoSource
Eyelash extensions are rapidly growing in popularity. In 'Eyelash Extensions' volumes 1 and 2, Leslie Graham demonstrates how to provide this profitable service. Each volume features step-by-step instruction and extreme close-ups.
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LA SlimWrap Mineral Body Wrap Now Available in Singapore
January 26, 2010 by LA SlimWrap
Afsi Naim, owner of LA SlimWrap, recently traveled to Singapore to train the staff of ONLYAesthetics, Asia's largest and fastest growing aesthetic franchise.
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World Stage For Plastic Surgery: Inaugural Dubai Rhinoplasty Symposium
October 14, 2009 by David W. Kim, MD - Facial Plastic Surgery
Known for his expertise in rhinoplasty and facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. David W. Kim will be serving as scientific course director for a groundbreaking international rhinoplasty meeting to be held this December in Dubai.
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Realities of Breast Enlargement Surgery Revealed By British Plastic Surgeon
September 22, 2009 by Cosmetic Surgery Specialists
In his recently published book, distinguished plastic surgeon Allen Rezai MD takes a behind-the-scenes look at breast enlargement surgery from the perspective of both the patient and the surgeon.
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Learn How To Inject Dermal Fillers - Dermal Filler Training, Restylane Injection
May 21, 2009 by Aesthetic VideoSource
Learn how to inject dermal fillers, including a Restylane injection, a Juvederm injection, a Radiesse injection, and a Hylaform injection with this new dermal filler training DVD from Aesthetic VideoSource.
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Dr. Bruce E. Fearon Earns Certification by the American Board of Phlebology
October 14, 2008 by Summit Skin and Vein Care
The American Board of Phlebology (ABPh) has announced that Dr. Fearon has earned board certification in the specialty of Phlebology. Dr. Fearon was board certified by the ABPh in July of 2008.
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Post-Surgical Products for Plastic Surgery Recovery
May 18, 2008 by Healing Enhancements, Inc.
Healingenhancements provides the highest quality plastic surgery recovery products that include garments,compression girdles, hospital gowns, men's garments, surgical bras, scar reduction, gel therapy,and orthopedic pillows, etc.
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Hernia Mesh Recall of Kugel Mesh Results in Non-Recalled Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
March 17, 2008 by The Johnson Law Firm
Lawsuits of hernia repair patients with both recalled and non-recalled hernia mesh and patch devices, including Kugel Mesh, Composix Kugel Mesh, Kugel Patch and others are consolidated.
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Free One-Week Coding and Pricing
November 9, 2007 by www.accuchecker.com
www.accuchecker.com, developers of the AccuChecker Product Line, offers a free One Week Trial of AccuChecker OnLine - A comprehensive database that simplifies coding and pricing of all physicians' services in a medical practice.
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