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W3Creative Releases Version 4 of its Simcountry.com

Jun 12, 2010

BOSTON, MA -- W3creative founder and CEO, Jossi Gil, said: Simcountry 4 is a major step forward and will add new dimension to this extensive environment where thousands of players are building countries, empires, enterprises and now also space stations and shuttles.

 Simcountry, first released in 2004, now runs 5 large virtual worlds, with thousands of countries run by players who take responsibility for all aspects of leadership, from education to warfare.

 Although war has traditionally been part of the game, many players decide to play the strategic war free version, building assets and gaining power by the strength of their economies.

 According to its makers, the game is an in depth, very large and feature rich MMOG where each player is a president of a country. Players cooperate with each other, trade, exchange knowledge, products and assets but also fight for dominance.

For more information visit: simcountry!

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