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Rigaku ScreenMachine Delivers Protein Crystal Diffraction Screening

Jul 01, 2010

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS -- Rigaku Americas Corporation announces the introduction of the Rigaku ScreenMachine™, the newest member of the renowned Rigaku HomeLab™ family of single crystal X-ray diffractometers for macromolecular and protein crystallography. As synchrotron beamlines have become more prevalent for research in structural biology, many home lab X-ray systems are used mainly for screening crystals in advance of synchrotron data collection. To meet the needs of this type of work flow, Rigaku has developed the ScreenMachine, a self contained unit that is optimized for safe crystal mounting and recovery, optimized for evaluating small crystals, designed for minimal maintenance, and, best of all, collects amazingly high quality data.

Easily and simply screen crystals ...

Test new crystallization hits for diffraction, ensure that proper cryo-conditions are selected,
and optimize your beamtime schedule by ensuring you have the best samples.

Train and teach your students ...

Having a ScreenMachine in a structural biology lab ensures that students and other researchers will have the opportunity to learn proper crystal mounting and handling techniques with the instant feedback that can only come from having an in-house X-ray source.

Produce research grade data ...

Coupled with the microfocus sealed tube X-ray source is a CCD detector that has been designed to provide good diffraction resolution coverage for both screening and data collection. With a cryosystem as standard equipment, the ScreenMachine allows for the collection of full data sets for: crystals that are hard to obtain, time sensitive projects, crystals that do not travel well, and samples that do not require a synchrotron for appropriate diffraction.

About Rigaku
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For further information, contact:

Paul N. Swepston, Ph.D.
President, Life Sciences
Rigaku Americas Corporation
(+1) 281-362-2300

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