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World Record Announced - Longest Oceanic Crossing in a Flats Boat

Jun 05, 2007

NEW YORK HARBOR -- The World Record Academy has officially recognized the Brown brothers for their use of "a flats boat - the Intruder 21" in a daring adventure covering (1547 miles) into the open Atlantic Ocean. Their journey started from Atlantic Beach, NC.,April 30, 2007 with with a charted course to Bermuda, arriving May 2nd, then onto New York Harbor using only one boat, "a flats boat - the Intruder 21."

The level of danger for any 21 foot boat traveling into the open Ocean is real and should not be taken lightly, but to use "a flats boat" you've just changed the degree of difficulty and magnified the dangers to an intensely different category - the extreme.

A "flats boat" by definition is a low profile open fishing Boat with a single engine, that can operate in "less than" one foot of water. Trolling motors don't qualify. What is unique about this particular "flats boat" is the Intruder 21 has the ability to operate in "less than six inches" of water.

This unprecedented record, has a few other unique characteristics - Ralph Brown is the developer of this particular "flats boat – the Intruder 21" - From start to finish, this daring challenge was "unescorted" – carrying their own fuel and depending upon their own seaworthiness.

And, the unexpected, un-forecasted Tropical Storm Andrea. Already the Intuder 21 had proven it's abiltiy to defy the ocean's trechurous 6-8 ft waves. While refueling in Bermuda, the ocean had brewed up a new obstacle, The Tropical Storm Andrea. Threatening their record, but knowing the severity of the weather
conditions, Ralph and Bob made the safest choice to delay their departure from Bermuda; before continuing on the last portion of their record setting journey.

They arrived in New York Harbor at 3:15 p.m. May 11, 2007 where they received a ticket from Officer Teeple of the US Park Police around Ellis Island, at 3:50 p.m. Upon entering New York's Harbor, they had accidentally ventured into restricted waters.

Many smaller boats have made longer trips, but they always have either a keel, which keeps them from tipping over or helps them right the boat after tipping over; lots of freeboard, the part above the water; a cabin to get out of the weather; a sail so that they don't have to carry their own fuel; or an escort.

The Intruder 21, made by Dream Boats, Inc, www.dreamboats.net More details can be obtained from the World Record Academy's web site:


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