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EZ Life Adds a Battery Powered Aluminum Can Crusher to Make Recycling Easier

Nov 02, 2010

KANSAS CITY, MO -- In an effort to make aluminum can recycling easier for consumers, bars, and other organizations, EZ Life LLC has created the EZ Power Crusher: 12V. This new electric powered crusher uses a 12 volt rechargeable battery to flatten a standard 12oz. beverage can.

Some people may crush their beverage cans by hand, but the EZ Power Crusher: 12V saves hand by using electricity to power aluminum can crushing and does so in less than two seconds. EZ Life feels that there is a market for powered aluminum can crushers - products that sit somewhere between the large industrial crushers and the hand cranked crushers.

Safety was a primary factor considered when designing the crusher. "We used an all-steel enclosure to totally encapsulate the can, crushing ram, motor, and other moving parts to ensure the safety of the user", says Larry Vogel, designer of the EZ Power Crusher: 12V. "You can't activate the crushing ram without closing the safety door which keeps the user's fingers from being pinched or crushed." In addition, speed and convenience were driving factors. Vogel adds, "Our design is not only strong enough to crush standard 12 ounce aluminum cans to about 10% of its original size, it does so fast - in less than 2 seconds per can. In addition, the crusher is totally portable - take it tailgating, camping, on a boat or anywhere else you drink or collect beverage cans." 

The EZ Power Crusher: 12V is available for sale online at the company store (www.ezlifellc.com) and sells for $325.00. The company also manufactures the compressed air powered EZ Power Crusher: AIR (introduced in October 2009), as well as, a Do-It-Yourself can crusher kit.

For additional information on the EZ Power Crusher contact Jason Vogel:

(jasonvogel@ezlifellc.com) or visit www.ezlifellc.com.

EZ Life is a privately held company that innovates, manufactures, and sells unique, premium lifestyle products.

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