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Top U.S. Companies in Demand of Employees with Lean Six Sigma Training

Jan 25, 2014

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Fortune 500 companies are in need of employees with Lean Six Sigma training. Based on the 2013 list of Fortune 500 companies, more than half of the top 10 revenue generating companies in the U.S. are currently recruiting Lean Six Sigma certified workers according to company job postings on Indeed.com.

"Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness," according to Dummies.com.

Ford Motor Companies, in various job postings on Indeed.com, ask for the ability to "apply Six Sigma tools (DFSS & DMAIC)."

DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) and DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) are two foundational components of Lean Six Sigma methodology. In addition to implementing DFSS and DMAIC, other common job duties of Lean Six Sigma certified employees are:

•    Manage significant performance change that is valued by the company
•    Reduce or remove areas of waste within a company
•    Improve, record and automate processes

While there are currently over 17,000 postings on Indeed.com making reference to a Lean Six Sigma skill set, it is not easy to identify adequate Lean Six Sigma training options that teach the knowledge and skills needed. In order for job candidates to apply the skills and be successful in a Lean Six Sigma role, candidates should have training that covers the entire ASQ Body-of-Knowledge and includes a certification after the evaluation of a real, completed project.

A premier Lean Six Sigma training provider is Smarter Solutions, Inc. As a business consulting firm and Lean Six Sigma training provider since 1992, Smarter Solutions' courses have been refined to cover many industries almost since the beginning of the concept of Lean Six Sigma which was developed in 1986.

Lean Six Sigma prospects trained by Smarter Solutions go through weeks of a concentrated course with homework and project coaching during and after class completion. After the two or four week course, students are well equipped to apply the tools of Lean Six Sigma using a detailed roadmap to improve business. As a bonus, students learn statistical and analytical technics using Minitab software for the ability to communicate the effects of their efforts at work.

Apple, a top 10 Fortune 500 company with a corporate office less than 15 miles from Smarter Solutions in Austin, TX, lists numerous jobs for Lean Six Sigma trained prospects. Key qualifications list "Minitab & Six Sigma experience a plus."

Other Fortune 500 companies hiring Lean Six Sigma certified employees according to search results at Indeed.com:

#1 - Walmart
#5 - Berkshire Hathaway
#8 - General Electric
#11 - AT&T
#15 - Hewlett-Packard
#25 - Wells Fargo
#49 - Amazon
#51 - Dell
#57 - Coca-Cola
#100 - Nationwide

Lean Six Sigma public training options for 2014 are available through Smarter Solutions, Inc. With online training for non-prerequisite courses, training can begin at any time.

To discuss training and certification options, contact Smarter Solutions, Inc. at 512.918.0280 or by email at info@smartersolutions.com.

Smarter Solutions is headquartered at 7701 San Felipe Blvd., Suite 102, Austin, TX 78729.

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