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New Emergency Guide Unveiled To Assist In Emergency Preparation

May 03, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, FL --  Most people simply are not well prepared for disasters. While everyone wants to believe that tragedy simply will not happen to them, that is not necessarily true. Emergencies strike every day, in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blackouts, fires and building collapses. Being prepared makes all the difference when it comes to survival. A new and website has launched to help people do just that -- survive. By empowering people to make disaster preparedness a priority, EmergencyGuru.com helps people across the globe enjoy safety and peace of mind. The site provides up-to-date information on creating family escape plans, preparing survival kits and surviving post-disaster. The site gives helpful tips that can keep your family safe if the unthinkable happens.

Most people do not think about what to do until an emergency actually happens. At that point, it is often too late. The flashlights are out of batteries, the emergency water is gone and nobody thought about how to protect the pets. Each year, many people are killed not from the disaster itself, but while waiting for help to arrive. The Emergency Guru wants to reduce those numbers. By providing valuable first aid tips, hurricane checklists and emergency food provider reviews, EmergencyGuru.com helps readers increase their chances of surviving in an emergency.

One of the best strategies for emergency survival is to practice the family escape plan. As with anything else, this plan must be rehearsed again and again before disaster strikes. Teach children how to use flashlights and to use a whistle to alert rescuers to their location. The site advises that parents show their toddlers photos of firefighters in full gear so that they do not become afraid and hide from them. This information-packed site teaches that each member of the family should know where to meet outside in case of fire, how to operate a generator and where the emergency food is stored. The site advises that everyone should be aware of basic first aid techniques.

One of the most shared articles on the Emergency Guru site is centered on how to prepare a survival bag for each member of your household. Called a "Bug Out Bag"™, this bag contains emergency food, water, clothing, first aid kits and an ignition source for starting fires. The "Bug Out Bag,"™ also contains items for trade and bartering if cash is not available or accessible. This section of the site is arguably the most valuable, as it gives a full listing of everything you will need in a post-disaster situation. The Emergency Guru has compiled data from military and civilian survival professionals, and has delivered it in an easy-to-follow format that even novices can use.

When it comes to surviving in an emergency, being prepared is the most important step. Whether you are faced with a fire, hurricane or dangerous animal attack, knowing how to react will mean the difference between life and death. The Emergency Guru website is the most comprehensive source for high-quality survival articles and gear online. Visit the site today and do not be caught unprepared for unexpected emergencies.

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