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Can an African American Seeker Save Us from the Cycle Down?

Oct 31, 2009

BETHESDA, MD -- Is it too late to save America? Will Americans listen to a universal message from an African American seeker? Best-selling author and award-winning composer Mark Williams answers these questions and more in his modern fable Going SOULo, An Adventure (436 pp., tpb, $23.95).

Going SOULo weaves an entertaining, contemporary tale full of intrigue and revelation that speaks to the origin and resulting chaos of our national and global crises. With a mind-bending blend of metaphor, psychology, spirituality and social justice, Going SOULo explains why the country ran amok and offers a plan for connecting humans' spiritual lives to the rescue of the planet.

The book opens with Malen, a hip, African American political-journalist-turned-seeker, receiving a set of mysterious cassette tapes from the Soul World that, unbeknownst to him, launches his assignment to rescue the planet from the Cycle Down. The world teeters dangerously close to the brink of destruction because of a toxic brew of negativity running rampant throughout all dimensions of modern life. Fear, distrust, cynicism, disillusion, anger and intolerance are ruining all hope for the future. Sound familiar? Going SOULo deals with hot issues ripped right from today's headlines.

Joined by his mysterious female companion and mentor Evol, Malen undertakes this mission to discover the vital soulful principles necessary to avert the world's destructive course. With help from a maverick young soul named SOULo from the Soul World, Malen and Evol embark on an off-road expedition to find authentic relationships, personal fulfillment and meaningful ways to make a difference in the world.

"There are very few contemporary novels that feature an African American hero-seeker with universally appealing values," says Williams. With stinging commentary, Going SOULo shines a fresh light on topics as wide-ranging as faith, illusion, fear, and purpose, all the way to politics and materialism. And Malen gains life-altering insights about oppression as he learns to discern the difference between the root belief systems perpetuating oppression versus the surface symptoms of prejudice.

With the help of mysterious guides and mentors, Malen experiences a healing transformation that helps him overcome the debilitating impact of oppression in his work and personal life. "We actually follow one soul named SOULo throughout many life times as it learns universal lessons about the spiritual role oppression plays in our lives," states Williams as he explores the issue of racism with an unexpectedly creative approach.

Right from the outset of Going SOULo, Williams' story is made relevant as Malen asks this potent question: "Is the world ready to learn universal lessons from an African American?" Williams' tale responds "Yes? BUT!" And yet, we are observing mounting resistance to the presidency of Barrack Obama from those on the extreme right where a vocal minority led by men like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh refute Williams' assertion with a loud "No!"

Williams, a recognized diversity and inclusion expert and bestselling author of The 10 Lenses, believes however, that the Obama presidency illuminates a dramatic shift within the American society brought on by white men emerging as a separate and distinct identity group. In Going SOULo, Malen is authoring his own book called Good Night White: A Complete History of the Rise and Fall of White Men in America, a metaphorical interpretation of the impact this transition will have on everyone in the American society, especially women and people of color.

Williams predicts that as white men begin to think and act as an identity group they will express a range of emotions from fear and anger to relief as society shifts toward greater inclusiveness and power sharing. "It will be a bumpy ride," predicts Williams, "transformational journeys usually are."

In the final analysis, the core message of Going SOULo is a universal one that speaks to all of us. In dramatic fashion and with fictional flare, Williams warns us that we must change or else we risk an accelerated Cycle Down as the world spirals further out of control. Are we too late? Going SOULo suggests that the answer lies within those willing to look in their hearts and tap the soulful energy needed to heal our planet.

Mark Williams is a best-selling author, respected composer as well as a recognized opinion leader in the field of human potential. Williams' first book The 10 Lenses was a business best-selling book, along with Your Identity Zones and Fit In! The Unofficial Guide to Corporate Culture.

Williams also composed A Song from Your Soul, the Going SOULo theme song, which is performed by Grammy award-winning artist Patti Austin and available on the Song For The Soul CD. It's not every day that a Grammy-award winning vocalist and a bestselling author team up, but in keeping with these extraordinary times, Patti Austin and Mark Williams have joined forces on this enlightening new CD, a collection of original songs interpreted by one of the most compelling vocal artists of modern times. Williams has also previously collaborated with performing artists such as Al Jarreau, Vanessa Williams, Danny Glover and the late Christopher Reeve. Williams created a web site www.goingsoulo.com/wordpress/ that features interactive activities, music, forums and a social network to extend the Going SOULo adventure beyond the book.

ISBN 978-0-595-50422-0

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