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Classics Illustrated Releases 8 New Titles

Jul 19, 2009

RED DEER, ALBERTA -- Hot off the presses, Jack Lake Productions and First Classics, are proud to announce the publication of 8 Classics Illustrated Junior editions.

"I'm pleased to-reoffer eight sought after books from our archives. For July, we are releasing The Little Mermaid (525), The Princess Who Saw Everything (576), Rapunzel (531), Snow White and Rose Red (541), The Queen Bee (551), Puss-in Boots (511), Enchanted Pony (562), and the Dancing Princess (532) for collectors around the world." Jaak Jarve said.

"We have re-drawn the books from original line art, and recolored them for today's readers. The Princess who Saw Everything is the first book to feature completely new art! "

The Classics Illustrated line of books hails back to 1941, when an enterprising publisher , Albert Lewis Kanter, sought to introduce world class literature to newsstands and schools in the then-fresh comic book format. 325 books later, and sales of 1 billion books firmly cemented the line into the consciousness of readers around the world.

"Albert Kanter had a dream to provide meaningful, intelligent literature to young people of his time," says Jaak Jarve, President of Jack Lake Productions. "It is now my dream to offer this same high-quality literature to children, parents and teachers today, providing a fresh alternative to the comic books currently on the market. The CLASSICS Illustrated JUNIOR™ books teach good old-fashioned values and nurture a child's imagination."

"This is only the first eight of 24 we have planned for the year. With our recent surge in popularity world wide, we are pleased to bring not only the Junior line to readers, but also our Classic Classics Illustrated line. Look for Robin Hood, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, the Man in the Iron Mask, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Nights Dream in the next few months."

For sales, distribution, licensing, promotional and media information, please Jaak Jarve at 416-222-9445 or Tim Lasiuta at 403-340-8215. Check out our website at www.jacklakeproductions.com for further information and retail opportunities.

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