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Author's Book for Children Celebrates National Character Counts! Week

Oct 13, 2009

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- October 18th - 24th is National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week, and how else do you sum up the six core values in one complete sentence? By doing the right thing when nobody is looking!

Do the Right Thing When Nobody's Looking is the latest title released from "The Juice & Berries® Adventures Series". It covers the all too common conflict and belief about sticks and stones breaking bones and declaring that words will never hurt. However, as many of us have learned, words really do hurt, and sometimes the pain can last a lifetime! In children, overcoming childhood scars can prove to be an uphill battle. Ask most adults today, and they can recall, with little effort, the bully that terrorized the playground.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, and "The Juice & Berries Adventures Series®" is shedding the light with this delightfully refreshing educational children's book on the six character traits, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

When DJ Berrie, sibling from "The Juice & Berries® Adventures Series", faces a bit of opposition at school, he learns the core values in a musical format. Papa Juice reminds him that sometimes it's easier to remember words when you place them in a song. The storyline and illustrations help by transforming a hurtful situation into a colorful, yet teachable moment. He tells him, "The last action is the one that is often judged," reminding him that it's important how you react when you're provoked.

Do the Right Thing When Nobody's Looking is the second book in the series, geared for grade levels K- 8 and offers 24-pages of thought-provoking wisdom. "As a child I didn't always know the right thing to do, and as a mother, I want my children to have good examples. That and the fact that I love children are the reasons I developed this series," said Tamicia Currie, author and adaptor of The Juice & Berries Adventures.

Along with the book, "The Juice & Berries Adventures Series" is also releasing a new music single entitled, The Character Express.

"Your children will read the book, learn the song, and love the dance," Currie concludes.

For more information on "The Juice & Berries Adventures Series", visit www.characteriskey.us or www.thejuiceandberries.com .

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