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Blackbeard Decoded Videos Launched

Feb 24, 2009

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- Designing a series of six videos and four commercials, each one featuring a different chapter in the New book, Blackbeard Decoded, A Truth Hidden In Plain Sight,".

The first Video, launched on February 7, focuses on "Dead Men Tell No Tales," the precursor in the book leading the reader to The Researcher, the first chapter. Yas Makah, Marketing Assistant to Lady Selah, is the Producer of the series, however commented: "Lady Selah is hands on and together they strategically created the series."

You can go to the Official Website at www.blackbearddecoded.com where you can view the mini-clip 1 minute version or you can visit the You Tube, Blackbeard Decoded Channel for the full 3 minutes. The Video," Blackbeard and Queen Anne's Revenge" is set to be launched the week of February 23 on the website.

Assistant, Athrun Zala, commented; "We welcome all comments. If you have a You Tube account, you can comment there or you can make a comment on the Blackbeard Channel Page or on our website or on the guestbook.

"I hope everyone enjoys the series, we thought this would be an interesting way to promote the book. I enjoyed working on this aspect of the project and there are more surprises to come." Lady Selah' SuJuris

The New  Book  can be ordered from the website beginning February 26, 2009.

Jose Contoocook
Canadian Writer

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