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The Book Betty White Says You Should Read with Your Pets

May 05, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- What is Betty White doing these days besides hosting Saturday Night Live? She's helping the animals in every way she can. This is why she gave her endorsement to a groundbreaking book, ANGEL ANIMALS BOOK OF INSPIRATION: Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion by Allen and Linda Anderson (New World Library, 2009). In these times of uncertainty and negative energy, a book that fully delivers good news is needed more than ever. Still in time for Mother's Day and a great gift book for every animal lover, it is available at online bookstores, regular bookstores, and at angelanimalsbookofinspiration.com.

"As a lifelong animal lover, I am delighted to see them celebrated in such a positive way. You and your pet will enjoy reading this together."
--Betty White, actress and author

Angel Animals Book of Inspiration contains an original story from Richard Simmons about the incredible Dalmatians who cared for his mother Shirley. The Andersons offer a little insider-scoop on how Richard's story came to be in our book. "When we wrote to Richard to ask if there was a special animal story he wanted his enormous fan base of millions around the world to read, he called us and asked, 'Allen and Linda, how can I help you?' Then he graciously shared an experience that had deeply affected him."

Richard's story is an exclusive for Angel Animals Book of Inspiration. He wanted it to be in this book that would honor the spiritual contribution to his mother's life that the dogs Brent and Rhett had made. These dogs had consistently reassured Richard that his mother was in good paws and eased his pain over her passing.

After the Andersons sent the published book to Richard, he wrote to them, saying, "Congratulations on the beautiful success of your new book. Of course, I flipped to Shirley's story. Yes, of course, I cried. Each night before I go to bed, I read two other stories. I do love your new book."

In addition to Betty White's words of praise for the book, there are over twenty other endorsements and
comments reviewers and celebrities have made about its impact:

"Allen and Linda have taken the concepts that I share in my books to a whole new level, asking the most profound questions and finding the most wonderful, joyous answers through our animal friends. I am grateful that they have the courage to explore and share the deepest levels of our kindred connections. I love this book. Read it and open your heart, and transform into the loving beings that we all are!" --Allen M. Shoen, DVM, MS, author of Kindred Spirit: How the Remarkable Bond between Humans, from his Foreword to Angel Animals Book of Inspiration

"In this collection of true stories the Andersons show how animals serve as conduits for messages of spiritual love and help in times of despair, loss, and confusion. Meditations following each story guide those in need of some soul work, making the book even better. . .Pick up several copies as gifts for all the animal lovers on your list. Yes, it really is that good!" --Sally Rosenthal, Best Friends Magazine

"Any story in Angel Animals Book of Inspiration will lift your spirit. These truly heartwarming stories prove the power of unconditional love we receive from our beloved animal friends." --Tippi Hedren, actress and animal advocate, winner of the Genesis Lifetime Achievement Award

"Animals truly are angels upon the earth, as Allen and Linda Anderson so beautifully remind us in their wonderful book. Their heart-opening stories are inspirational, and remind us to take wonderful care of our animals friends." --Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author, Messages from Your Angels and Angel Therapy

Some of these extraordinary true stories will make you smile. Others will bring tears to you eyes. Each one will open your heart to new revelations of love in its many forms and shapes. 

Angel Animals Book of Inspiration: Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion, By Allen & Linda Anderson (New World Library, 2009), trade paperback.

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