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March 2013 Press Releases By Month

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Long Island Experiencing Problematic Toxic Mold Infestation
March 1, 2013
The flooding and devastation caused from Super storm Sandy Cultivates A "Perfect Storm" for a toxic mold pandemic as spring is just around the corner
   Home and Garden » General

ZuzuDrive Announces New Products And An Updated Website
March 8, 2013
ZuzuDrive, the international USB flash drive company, announced today that they have updated their online web store and added new flash drives to their line of products.
   Technology » Computers

Breast Cancer Research Boost - 50% Donation, Proceeds from Sales of XBlue Phone
March 12, 2013
Customers and people who want to help the cause are already pre-ordering the special Pink X16 phones which sell at the same distributor price as, and have the same impressive business features of, regular Xblue X16 business desk phones.
   Technology » Hardware

Smart Tweezers Fully Automatic LCR Meter Gains Support in Over 27 Countries
March 17, 2013
Siborg System Inc.'s revolutionary tool for testing and troubleshooting electronics gains distributors on 5 continents, gets the first calibration center for Europe, launches new user websites per region, and new model development has begun.
   Technology » Electronics

Antivirus Security 2013 (Fake) Tries to Extort Money Through Deceptive Schemes
March 23, 2013
A program by the name of Antivirus Security 2013 has been identified by the PC security team at EnigmaSoftware.com to be a rogue antispyware application designed with the primary intention to extort money from unsuspecting computer users.
   Technology » Security

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